Nour Zreika

Nour Zreika is an Architect who completed her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from ALBA-University of Balamand campus (Académie Libanaise des Beau-Arts). She graduated with a Master of Science in Architecture from Politecnico di Milano. During her 2-year program at Politecnico di Milano, she participated in various workshops and research activities of which stands out the “The Building Continuum” project presented in the 2016 Venice Biennale of Architecture. Additionally, she contributed to the “Nature through the Mirror” research which was published, and later exhibited in the 2017 TAB: Tallin Architecture Biennale and in the 2017 Chile Biennale of Architecture. Lastly, her Masters research focused on Heritage Preservation in Post-War Scenarios, where the fate of heritage of Beirut after the 1975-1990 Civil War was examined.

Since graduating, she interned as a Restoration Architect with UN Habitat in Lebanon where she took part in a project for the conservation and sustainable development of the historic centres of Tripoli and Saida, two deprived Lebanese cities. She also volunteered for a youth-led organization, Architects for Change, where she dedicated her efforts to writing articles that tackled environmental, social, cultural, and urban issues of Lebanese cities.