University of Padova

19 MAY 2022

Lecture: Sharing scientific advancement and its benefits through participatory research: examples from northern italy 


Born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1972 Alexandra Chavarria has been associate professor at the University of Paduasince 2015.

Her research encompasses late Roman and early medieval settlements, churches and burials, the archaeology of standing buildings and the study of historical cities and landscapes. During the last years she has has been very active in the field of community archaeology and has developed an unique method for the involvement of local communities for the recording and management of local cultural heritage as a resource for economic, social and cultural developement. She is also very active in the field of innovative teaching (she was recently appointed as 'Change Agent' of the University of Padova) and has published a Massive Online Course in the international platform Future Learn

She is founder and editor of the European Journal of PostClassical Archaeologies (since 2011) and Hortus Artium Medievalium (since 2019). She is also on the editorial board of the journal Archeologia dell'Architettura (since 2015) (ANVUR A) and on the scientific committees of Late Antique Archaeology (since 2002), Documentos de Arqueología y Historia (since 2010), among others.

She was recently elected to the directory board of the Italian Society of Medieval Archaeologists (2018-2021).

She has directed numerous archaeological projects including the excavation in the unique UNESCO site of Torba-Castelseprio (2013-2022), Monselice (2021-2022). several italian churches and monasteries and various sites on Rab, Croatia (since 2005). She has lead projects regarding the study on historical buildings (fortifications,  churches) and entire urban centers (Padova between 2008-2012, Monselice 2015-2016, Bolognano 2016, Massone 2017, Brembate 2019 among others). She has participated as a coordinator of Padova's unit in different National Prin projects as well as international FP7 projects among others.

At this moment she is curating a major international exhibition "Cordoba and the early Christian Mediterranean" which will be inaugurated in december 2022 and preparing 2 massive online courses on early christianity and mediterranean landscapes.