Mattia Sanna Montanelli


Mattia Sanna Montanelli

Mattia Sanna Montanelli is a Specialized Archaeologist and PhD student at the University of Cagliari researching  'industrial characterization’ (PON funded) focused on heritage crowdsourcing. His research interests focus on participatory archaeology, interpretative planning of cultural heritage and the design of tourist-cultural itineraries. 

Since 2017 he has worked as a tutor for the Faculty of Humanistic Studies of Cagliari, in the laboratories of 'Public Archaeology', 'Professional Archaeology', 'Communication of Cultural Heritage', 'Didactics of Cultural Heritage' and 'Planning of Tourist-Cultural Itineraries’, and since 2018, as honorary fellow in the teaching of Christian and Medieval Archaeology. 

He has also undertaken study visits in Madrid, at the Instituto de Cultura y Tecnología (ICyT) of the University Carlos III (UC3M). 

He participates as social media and web content manager in the management of the university pages 'Vestigia UniCa' and 'Luogosanto Medievale, Archaeology and Community'. 

As a professional archaeologist he has worked in several urban construction sites and collaborated as a consultant in several projects on heritage enhancement in the service of public bodies (Parco Geominerario Storico Ambientale della Sardegna, Regione Autonoma della Sardegna) and private organizations (Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission, Consorzio Camù, Ass. Imago Mundi Onlus).