Well-being and cultural heritage

Safe Cultural Heritage, Arts & Cultural Manager (Spain)

The 'Safe Cultural Heritage’ project is aiming at establishing a new approach towards protection of cultural properties by bringing the message that geographical differences should not threaten one of the cultural heritage sites which are our shared global heritage. Through the online platform, we raise public awareness about destruction of cultural sites and build an international community of committed people who can spread our mission globally.

This cultural project follows the methodology of cultural relativism through the lens of cultural heritage. The idea of cultural relativism rejects cultural center and peripheries and claims equality for all cultures.

The recent destructions in the Middle East showed disrespectful attitude towards our human history and culture that is a violation of moral rights. Not only Syria, Afghanistan or other countries of the Middle East lost its history and culture but all of us.

The project aims to prevent any possible human destructive actions in the future all around the world towards cultural property and instill people that everyone is responsible for protecting cultural heritage as shared humanity. The mission lays in organizing an active community to draw global attention to the responsibility of protecting, promoting and preserving our cultural heritage in unstable situations or military armed conflicts by various online activities.

The message and focus of the activity are to raise public awareness to prevent future losses. The project endeavors to awaken the sense of responsibility among people because destruction of one cultural site is not destruction of a normal building, this is identity and history of million peoples who are not aware of consequences of this collapse.

The project gives a space for academics to distribute their work on our website and discuss together topical issues and offers to public users virtual cultural routes about heritage sites at risk.